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Trophy South Dakota Mule Deer Hunts

Trophy South Dakota Mule Deer Hunts


I live and work on the Dahl Ranch year around. I see and keep track of the deer throughout the seasons.  Between flying, trail cams, food plots, taking pictures, and all the day to day work that is involved in raising cattle, I watch them grow.  I know where they feed and where they bed down for the day.  I know where they water and what trails they use.  This knowledge is not acquired by hunting public lands for a couple of days or by hiring a guide that leases land and only hunts it during season.  It can’t even be gained by a quick pre-scout.  It’s a lifestyle and I live it.  I have hunted all my life and I’m passionate about it.  When you hire me as your guide, I will use every resource available to provide you with a safe and amazing trophy deer hunt with memories that will last a lifetime.

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Mule Deer Hunting Details

Mule Deer Hunting Details

Spot and stalk is what it's all about for rifle and archery hunting.  Blinds are also used for another avenue for the hunters preference.  We will hunt a lot of badlands, draws, agricultural fields, sagebrush flats and river bottoms. Rifle season traditionally starts the second Saturday of November and goes for 16 days. A typical Mule deer is going to score between 155 BC and 185 BC, with the potential for larger.

Even though you have to send in an application archery mule deer licenses are guaranteed with no deadline to apply and cost $286. You can either apply online or send in a paper application. Archery season starts the 1st of September and goes to January 1.

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Current Mule Deer Hunting Rates:

Current Mule Deer Hunting Rates:

Firearm Hunts:

  • 4 days/5 nights
  • $4450

Archery Hunts:

  • 5 days/6 nights
  • $3550

Combo Archery Deer & Antelope Hunts:

  • 6 days/7 nights
  • $5000

Our rates include taxes, guides, lodging, and meals.

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